Synchronize Existing Clients

This feature synchronizes existing WHMCS clients to Mautic and adds them to previously mapped product and domain segments. If you have not yet mapped the products to your Mautic segments, do so before you synchronize existing customers.

If Mautic already have the client e-mail they will be merged with the exsting history of Mautic Contact.

  • Total customers to sync: this information shows the total WHMCS clients registers in your database that will be synced with Mautic Contacts
  • Synchronize inactive products/services?: If you whant your customers inactive products or services, check this option to Yes. Customers who have canceled, suspended or closed products will also be added in their Mautic segments.

Click on the button Synchronize existing clients to initiate the sync.

Before sync make sure that will have mapped the desire product to one of yours Mautic Segments.

Do not leave this page until all clients are finish to sync

After synchronization is finished, you will be able to see all your actual WHMCS clients on your Mautic, segmented based on TLD's Segments and Products to Segments options.