Configuring Google Analytics Settings variable

Recently Google Tag Manage implemented a global variable for the container with default configuration of Google Analytics settings. Use this variable to pass all necessary informations to your tracking tags.

If you already have this variable configured, please review the configurations and make the necessary adjustments. If you can't change the seetings of existing variable, please create a new one.

Select your container tag, go to Variables option and click in the new button on the User-Defined Variables section.

On Variable Configuration choose the variable type Google Analytics Settings

Paste your Google Analytics Tracking ID and click in More Settings.

Enable Enable Display Advertising Features on Advertising dropdown and Enable Enhanced Ecommerce Features under Ecommerce option. Please don't forget to check the option user data layer.

To anhanced the tag features, we recommend that you:

  • Change to true the option Decorate Forms on Cross Domain Tracking
  • Change to true the option Enable Enhanced Link Attribution on Advanced Configuration

Now save the changes and go trought the next steps!

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