Configuring WHMCS and Mautic Integration Module

Activating the Module

Before initiate the configuration please be sure that you have the license module EunaRede Core installed and activated.

Activate the Whmautic module trouht the menu Setup > Addon Modules.

Configuring the License

After activating the module, configure the license through the EunaRede Core Module. Select WHMAUTIC in the drop-down menu and enter the license code number provided in your order.

Configuring the Module

The process of configuring the module is simple, with the username and password in hands created in the previous step (if you did not create it, see the step Enabling API and Authentication on Mautic) and the URL, set the respective fields on Module Configuration tab:

  • Username: usarname of mautic user
  • Password: password
  • Mautic URL: URL of your Mautic (please include http:// or https://, ex.

Synchronizing Clients

Now your Mautic will receive each new client record in WHMCS and will synchronize every change of customer data on WHMCS into Mautic Contact. If a customer who already has a WHMCS account updates their information, it will be automatically created and synchronized on Mautic.

it is possible to sync existing clients on the WHMCS administration just saving the client profile. If the client doesn't have a corresponding Mautic contact, the module will create and sync the profile information.

this module does not automatically synchronize already registered users. If you want to force the synchronization, simply save the data of the client profile in the administration area.

Show Synced Clients

On the module tab Show Synced Clients it is possible to see the WHMCS clients that have a correspondent Mautic contact synced.

Health Status

In the Health Status tab, you can check if your integration with Mautic is correctly configured. This page will help you debug some common problems in the Mautic configuration and API communication.

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