WHMAUTIC - WHMCS + Mautic Integration

Synchronize your WHMCS clients automatically in Mautic through the WHMAUTIC module and automate your marketing campaigns.


What is Mautic?

Open Source Marketing Automation

Automate and personalize your end-to-end customer experience, across all your digital properties and channels.

  • Lead Nutrition and Contact Management
  • Marketing Automation and Marketing Management
  • Email Marketing Automation
  • Website tracking
  • Landing Pages and Forms
  • Multi-channel communication

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What does this module do?

The WHMAUTIC Module integrates your WHMCS with Mautic, synchronizing your customers directly into the Mautic marketing automation platform and enabling you to identify business opportunities, automate marketing campaigns, and segment your customers based on your interests and products.
Track the WHMCS shopping funnel to help you identify campaign performance through Mautic and improve your sales conversion.

With this module you can:

  • Synchronize your WHMCS customer data with Mautic contacts;
  • Track all pages in the WHMCS client area with the Mautic pixel;
  • Track the WHMCS sales funnel to identify opportunities;
  • Target Mautic contacts based on WHMCS information;
  • Automate marketing campaigns for your WHMCS products.

Mautic Tracking Pixel

Automatically insert the Mautic tracking pixel into all WHMCS pages without having to change your theme. The WHMAUTIC module is compatible with the theme "Six" or any other that follows the WHMCS theme development specifications.

Contact Creation

Through this module, you can automate the creation of contacts in Mautic through the information of your customers in WHMCS. The WHMAUTIC module creates a new contact every time a customer registers in WHMCS by synchronizing the following fields:

  • Full name
  • Email
  • Address
  • Company Name

The creation of a new contact in Mautic will also occur in the registration made at the checkout of an order.

Contact Synchronization

WHMAUTIC automatically synchronizes your customer data when editing in WHMCS, ensuring consistency of information and vitalizing duplicate records.

Why integrate WHMCS with Mautic?

Automate Marketing Campaigns with WHMautic

Have as your powerful ally tools nutrition and follow-up leads to organize your marketing campaigns, view visits, time spent, pages accessed, and other information accessed by Lead in the same place. Keep your Mautic fed with the latest data from your WHMCS relevant to your marketing strategy.

Manage Sequential Marketing Campaigns and Emails

Managing campaigns and sending sequential emails is essential for all marketing automation tools. With Mautic, it's easy to manage email campaigns and sequences, create campaigns and define which sequence of emails, actions, and events the leads will follow.

Follow the Sales Funnel

Automate your sales funnel. Mautic allows companies to define multiple processes and the dates they will be triggered, as well as schedule automatic actions.

Integration with Social Media

Social media are fantastic places to connect with your leads and prospects. The companies that explore these channels will find in Mautic tools to facilitate the management of social media.

Landing Pages and Assets

Marketing Automation uses landing pages to capture visitor information. With Mautic you can create stunning and original landing pages through an easy-to-use builder. These landing pages provide key information to help you track traffic and manage asset downloads (e-books, whitepapers, images, and videos).

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